Life Navigation Coaching


About me:

In 1964 at age 9, I became a Universal Life Church Minister. While my life trajectory would not include pursuing organized religion, this early choice was an indication of the direction I was heading.

Starting in my late teens, I became consumed with the desire to explore spirituality and understand the nature of reality.

This desire led me to explore many modalities of spiritual paths, psychological healing, workshops and meditation retreats. This exploration has remained constant throughout my entire life.

Due to unhealed emotional issues, I also became dependent upon alcohol as a way to deal with the pain I was feeling. I worked on this issue for many years. I could be sober for periods of time and continued to study throughout, but true sobriety eluded me. I was extremely fortunate to eventually be introduced to a therapist who was able to finally help me stay sober. Through hard work and deep healing, I was finally able to fully embrace sobriety thirteen years ago. This therapist has continued to be my healing mentor and teacher.

I have studied coaching practices extensively and am continuously researching new information and tools.

What I bring to this work is my native intelligence and my decades long education process. Most importantly, I have natural healing/guiding skills. Also, I have literally walked and lived through the healing territory on my own healing journey. I am able to hold and embody the space for new clarity and healing to occur. There is something that happens when I work with others that is transformative for them.

Prior to opening my coaching and consulting practice, I owned and operated a building inspection consulting service for 30 years.

Main Mentors

Michael Kelch, Developmental Psychotherapist
Peter Brown, Spiritual Teacher of the Yoga of Radiant Presence