Life Navigation Coaching


I work with clients in person, online or by phone.

The primary purpose of this work is to help you develop increased clarity and gain skills in order to more powerfully navigate areas in your life that you want to change for the better.

With a combination of coaching, consulting, mindfulness-based inquiry and other techniques, we will work together to help you make the changes you are seeking.


There is a space within us, an environment, which if tapped into, can open up channels of information and insight that are often not normally accessed.

One of my strengths is the ability to hold this space open so you can access what can be found there. We use this information to help you in creating transformation and breakthroughs. In this environment, I am able to "see" solutions.

I orient and observe from the overview. This keeps the focus consistently directed on the leading edge of what is needing to be worked on.

I help people shift from seeing themselves as limited by their problems and challenges to realizing the latent potential that has not yet been fulfilled. Or in redirecting already realized potential that has become unsatisfying to a direction that is more fulfilling.

I can help you gain long lasting effective traction in transforming these issues.

Most importantly, I have a natural affinity and skill set for this work. It is my calling. My life experience has shaped me for this work.


This work helps you discover and transcend self-created limitations [usually unconscious], that have been blocking you from achieving what you want in life. Even a great strategy may not succeed without the right mindset to implement it.

It is common to think that the solution to solving a problem or acquiring a skill, needs to be worked on out in the world or outside of us. Often, impediments to achieving what we want may have more to do with where we are internally.

Working developmentally from the inside out, we can discover ways we may be blocking ourselves that will need to be understood before we can effectively move forward with our external goals and projects.

There is also a common tendency for us to operate at a level that demands the least from us. Or conversely, we may be a very successful person who feels either stuck in over achieving or feels unsatisfied and wants more from our life. Working to change these orientations can be a challenge and are often experienced as a threat.

We are also often unconsciously “run” by inhibiting mental and emotional defense mechanisms that present themselves as logical adult ideas. We tend to repeat these unconscious behaviors and limitations which keep us trapped.

This work is predicated on direct experience. Conceptual understanding is a necessary first step but it must be coupled with experiential traction. While you will gain knowledge, the most important outcome will be the acquisition of increased clarity, understanding and life navigation skills.

The most effective work happens in partnership. This partnership is formed on mutual trust and respect. Connecting at this level with each other forms the foundation of what will happen in the session.


We always check in first to see what you are currently thinking and feeling. We then choose a direction and focus to work on. You decide how deep the session will go.

Mindfulness based personal inquiry utilizes a broad spectrum of approaches and modalities to deepen, learn, heal and evolve.

Areas of focus can range from the most practical to do list item to a deep exploration of developmental meaning and engagement. Here are some examples:

  • Articulating core values
  • Creating passionate/fulfilling work
  • Discovering your true passions and purpose
  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Work/career changes and problem solving
  • Creating professional and personal growth plans
  • Clarifying work/personal life balance
  • Learning to communicate more specifically and effectively
  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally
  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one
  • Managing an important life or business transition
  • Discovering new and more powerful levels of thinking
  • Finding more meaning in your life
  • Healing addictions
  • Healing fear issues

I work in four main modalities:

Development coaching is about turning the focus from the issue to the person dealing with the issue.

Performance coaching is about addressing and creating solutions to a specific problem or challenge.

Results consulting is about identifying immediate direct actions steps.

This work is not psychotherapy. But there is an element of healing that occurs when blockages are discovered, understood and transcended so that forward movement is possible.


Sessions are $115.00.

Payment is due at the time of the session. Payment can be made by check, cash,credit card or paypal.